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Laurens Mariƫn

When writing a Biography I’m always afraid that I can’t explain my (artistic) path because its messed up, broad & everything is strangled together and in the same time so mixed up. Going from being a popstar and playing shows all over the world, to Curating the worlds first exhibition on an ice skating ring, or starting the first artist studios in Bruges, Studying 9 Months in New York, Teaching at the Art academy of Ghent, and despite I’m not a dancer, dancing with one of Belgiums most famous choreographer: Wim Vandekeybus. Although all the above is true, I picture it way better then it sometimes was...

After graduating autonomous design at K.A.S.K (The school of Arts of Ghent) where I focused on curating exhibitions. I started to work at Het Entrepot In Bruges as a cultural worker, where I was in charge of education, programming and the artist studios, these studio’s where at the time non existing in Bruges. I also got a job at K.A.S.K where I started my own program, “Do It Yourself, Together With Friends” where I helped students to set up events/exhibitions/Performances. Besides all of this I kept on working as a freelance curator/artist. This for all different organizations in Belgium. (De Singel, Gouvernement, CC Strombeek...)

CAMPO is one of those organizations that supported me in my quest of bringing art to a big and diverse audience. I was wondering why it is so difficult for certain people to get interested in art but so easy to go all the way in for example: sports. I realized the answer is "simple", a lot of the institutions are still living on their Island where they only focus on “l’art pour l’art”. And so there is no common ground between the institute and the broader audience. Art should be a celebration of creativity where everyone is invited. ;):) With this in mind I made the exhibition ON ICE, worlds first exhibition on an ice skating ring.

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