ONDA & Flanders Arts Institute @ RIDA: 'Reimagining the artistic world - on transnational/postnational practices"

The testing of another prototype, developed in the frame of Transnational/Postnational Artistic Practices Trajectory took place on May the 21 at the RIDA - International Programming Meeting of the RESHAPE lead partner, ONDA. 

The "Reimagining the art world: on transnational/postnational practices" took place in the framework of the Rida - International Programming Meeting. Starting from the topic proposed for this meeting - the question of the gaze and how our own context, expectations and knowledge influence the way we look at artistic work - the participants reflected together on the possible transformations of their practices. For this, a tool developed in the frame of the RESHAPE project was used: a set of cards inspired by a tarot deck and created by artists from Europe and the Mediterranean.
The workshop was facilitated by Pau Cata, a Barcelona-based curator and researcher. 
The workshop was proposed and organized by Onda and the Flanders Arts Institute.



Agata Kolacz (Poland)
Benoit Bradel (France)
Hermann Lugan (Germany/France)
Cécilia Kuska (UK/Argentina)
Tina Hollard (France)
Catherine Meneret (France)
Stéphane Noël (Switzerland/China
(Hong Kong))
Gino Coomans (Belgium)

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