An Experiment in Collaborative Change-making in the Arts

RESHAPE is a collaborative, bottom-up research process that proposes instruments for transition towards an alternative, fairer, and unified arts ecosystem across Europe and the Southern Mediterranean. Read more about RESHAPE's experimental method and process.

RESHAPE method


Delve into the results of RESHAPE: the ideas and instruments proposed by artists and art workers to reshape the working models in the field of arts and culture. Feel free to adopt, apply, and build upon them in your practice!

Zeitgeist TexTS

A selection of texts and other material by scholars, artists, and critical thinkers, collected by the RESHAPE community, to gently guide you through the ‘spirit of our time’ and the diverse ideas that inspired the prototypes. Click here for the full collection of Zeitgeist texts.


A practice-based database & a listing of artistic initiatives experimenting with new models of working together or innovative ways of engaging audiences in different parts of Euromed.


Nevenka Koprivšek (1 June 1959 – 14 February 2021)

It is with shock and great sadness that we announce the sudden death of Nevenka Koprivšek, director of Bunker Ljubljana, a partner in the RESHAPE project. With her passing, Slovenian, Balkan and European performing arts lost a wonderful person, author, teacher, advocate and friend... A sharp thinker, full of dedication, love and empathy for the arts and artists, Nevenka's input has inspired and shaped RESHAPE and a tremendous amount of other collaborations. We will miss her greatly! In these sad moments, we express our condolences to Nevenka's family and close ones.

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