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Shelagh Wright and Peter Jenkinson

Shelagh Wright and Peter Jenkinson are committed internationalists based in London, UK with extensive experience of working internationally in over 40 countries on every continent supporting creative and cultural work for progressive social, political as well as economic development. Their current ventures include ODD, an action research enquiry into socially-engaged cultural and creative practice with a focus on people and agencies that pursue positive deviance and democratic development; research into the contribution of cultural and creative activists in the campaigns and political culture of the new Municipalist movement; work on donor transformation with the Engaged Donors for Global Equity (EDGE) Alliance: Cities of Change; the devising and co-facilitating of learning programmes with young cultural innovators and activists working to build active citizenship and community in their cities around the world; and co-chairing and advising on the Scottish Parliament Festival of Politics. Peter has a long and award winning career in museums and galleries and was the first national director of Creative Partnerships UK. Shelagh was a longtime associate of the think tank Demos working on creative learning and democratic entrepreneurship and is a board member of Compass. They are both UK ambassadors to the Danish creative and cultural political party The Alternative.

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