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Virág Major

Virág Major is an independent curator and cultural manager based in Berlin and Budapest. She has worked internationally in the field of visual arts, from gallery assistance in contemporary galleries, through project management for the Contemporary Architecture Center in Budapest and an inspiring year working for the Curatorial Department of dOCUMENTA (13), as well as Cultural Manager of the Vasarely Museum – Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest.

In her projects her interests lay in (art) education, developing empowering, non-formal formats for learning, as well as participative, processual and socially-engaged approaches. Especially passionate about artistic strategies engaged in agriculture and subsistence, she edited the publication Reap and Sow interlinking agricultural art practices and utopian thinking. She is currently Artistic Director of DemoLab, a non-formal artistic educational project in Hungary based on methods developed by reformist pedagogue Célestin Freinet. She is also representative and board member of the Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network and pursues her postgradual studies in curating at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig.

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