Solidarity funding

Workshop in Potsdam: How can we model economic & funding systems towards more solidarity?

The second workshop on the topic of Solidarity Funding will be held in Potsdam from 15 to 18 January 2020 and organized by Arts and Theatre Institute (Prague).

Art and citizenship

Art and citizenship workshop in Barcelona

Under Power. Care. Municipalism. Creativity. Feminisation. Conviviality. Commoning. Activism. Ethics. Solidarity. Empathy. Internationalism. Citizenship. Generosity. Decolonisation. Collaboration. Storytelling. Agency. Systemic Change. Hope. Non-violence. Learning. Humour. Sociality. Invention. Listening. Diversity. Humility. Resistance. Horizontality. Poetry. Cooperation. Discovery. Artivism. Migration. Rebellion. Vulnerability. Courage. Justice. Sharing. Struggle. Civil Imagination. Lived Experience. Joy...

Fair governance models

Fair Governance Models Workshop in Sofia

The second workshop of the group Fair Governance Models will be held in Sofia from 4 to 6 December 2019 and will be organised by ACT Association.

Solidarity funding

Workshop in Beirut: How can solidarity funding encourage the vitality of contemporary arts in these uncertain times?

The workshop 24-28 September will be held in Hammana and Beirut and organised by ACT association in collaboration with Hammana Artist House.

Value of art in social fabric

How to encourage understanding of and promote the value of art in social fabric?

The fourth Reshape workshop will take place in Prague from 18 to 20 September 2019 and it will deal with the question of the value of art in the social fabric.

Fair governance models

Workshop in Tangier: Fair governance models

The first workshop in the Fair governance models trajectory will take place in Tangier, Morocco, 4-6 September 2019, and it will be organised and hosted by Goethe-Institut Barcelona in collaboration with Tabadoul and Atelier Kissaria.

Art and citizenship

Workshop in Edinburgh: How can art radically imagine new forms of citizenship and empower us to act?

A university created and run by refugees > Social enterprises forged through vulnerable street children creating a circus > Historic injustices and everyday niggles aired and shared through joining a complaints choir > An energy cooperative developed from street parties > A nation-wide exchange economy fuelled through independent music festivals > Urban transport nightmares tackled through graffiti vigilantism > An inclusive cross-generational school fashioned collaboratively inside a recently re-opened nuclear exclusion zone ...

Transnational / postnational artistic practices

The first RESHAPE workshop will discuss transnational/postnational artistic practices

The notion of transnationality/postnationality offers a tempting perspective. It inspires to change the mindset for a while; to get rid of currently dominating patterns of thinking and operating, that most often represent the dominant structure of national states. However promising it may sound, to most of art workers it would be a misleading fantasy: for the actual political map does influence our professional and private lives on the every day basis, shaping our ways of thinking and enabling or interrupting relations.

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