Values of Solidarity in the frame of Cultural Impact Now - a conference organized by TEH

On June the 2nd members of the Reshape community represented their work and results in the frame of conference that  gathered a broader audience of the European performing arts practitioners and experts. Twice a year, TEH organizes meetings and conferences to exchange knowledge, to start conversations and to connect with other cultural changemakers. These events serve as a hotbed of new ideas and collaborations, reflect diversity of the network and explore topics that matter to cultural workers all around Europe. 

Hence, The Gamified Workshop Toolkit was offered to the TEH community as a practical tool to test the above described values of collaboration, networking and developing new ideas. The toolkit was especially designed for teams that are just beginning their collaboration, primarily in the field of arts and culture, but also in other relevant sectors. It has been created as a tool to promote collaborative communication and attitudes relating to the solidarity paradigm. Its purpose is to give participants a chance to express what values are important to them in their collaboration, to understand how others think and what is important and necessary for them to work and communicate together. The workshop also provides inspiration and an opportunity to reflect on how the team wants to deal with possible conflict.

 The organizer of this event was Pogon - Zagrebački centar za nezavisnu kulturu i mlade. The workshop had four participants so we were able to go through the game during our two hour slot. The participants found the game to be useful for teams when starting on their own project. For more information on how to participate in The Gamified Workshop Toolkit contact Sonja Soldo form Pogon via email:

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