Workshop in Tangier: Fair governance models

The first workshop in the Fair governance models trajectory will take place in Tangier, Morocco, 4-6 September 2019, and it will be organised and hosted by Goethe-Institut Barcelona in collaboration with Tabadoul and Atelier Kissaria.

The first workshop of the trajectory will gather eight Reshapers, all dealing with the topic of governance in culture and artistic field.  The aim of the workshop is to open some of the most challenging questions when in comes to governance today: What will be the future of governance? Who has to be included and how? How do we guarantee that a fair governance creates a fair space? Can governance become a part of an emancipatory agenda? Besides the eight dedicated reshapers who will work on this topic throughout development of RESHAPE as a process, workshop will gather various other actors, among them local activists, artists and practitioners in the cultural field, who will share their perspectives on the challenges of governance in the local context, as well as in the broader MENA region. 

On the last day of the workshop, September 6 starting from 14:00h in the Atelier Kisseria, an open session “Fair Governance in the Arts” will be held open to artists, cultural workers, activists and the general public. Collectives, informal and/or temporary partnerships, self-organisation / self-management and inclusive governance are different organisational trends which abandon hierarchical organisational models and methods. We’ll talk about what and how can we learn from these new models, what social, ethical and cultural aspects of these models can be applied on a transnational and trans-regional level.

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