Reflections on the Art World, Its Future(s), and Potentialities

Reshaping the art world that lacks distributions of power, equality, and diversity includes reimagining cultural institutions as its pillars.

In addition to the pressure for change from within, cultural institutions face an increasing marginalization of their social role. In the current socio-economic environment, cultural policies place value primarily on the by-products of cultural activities, such as inclusiveness and innovation, rather than on artistic expression per se. How can today's cultural institutions be reshaped to become more fair, inclusive and diverse?

In the conversation Reflections on the Art World, Its Future (s), and Potentialities, assistant professor and researcher at the University of Ljubljana Natalija Majsova and Davor Mišković, cultural worker and director of Drugo more  discussed possible and probable transformations of the art world. They examined the state of today's cultural institutions and the policies that shaped them and reflected the cracks in the system that could be the starting point for transformation.

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