Contesting the Neutrality

The topics of decolonization and degrowth are certainly not new, but with the recent global movements, they are receiving increased attention and a sense of urgency. The same sense exists within the art world, where the necessity for decolonizing cultural institutions is followed by the requisition to go beyond the performative level and to rethink the role of institutions and implement change at the structural level.

The question of the interconnectedness of decolonization and degrowth, and their intersection with art, was the starting point of the last in a series of talks at the final conference of the RESHAPE project, under the title Certain Things Need to Be Said if One is to Avoid Falsifying the Problem. - Decolonisation, Degrowth and Art. Interventions by cultural policy and human rights experts Aadel Essaadani, philosopher and art theorist Bojana Kunst, architect and artist Raafat Majzoub, and researcher and international degrowth community member Ajda Pistotnik offered different perspectives on these urgent issues, while the discussion opened up new realms that need to be taken into consideration, examined and contested. 

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