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Đorđe Balmazović / Škart: Pits and falls of group work

Đorđe will shortly present Škart activities: starting from the first decade, the 90's, and street actions, following 2000 – 2013 which were the years of forming new collectives, bigger than Škart itself, changing the focus from visual art to other disciplines. The main focus will be on work in and with the collective and why it is important to work in collective despite all the problems it might cause.

Škart was founded 1990 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. First decade, from 1990 till 2000 collective was mainly engaged doing little samizdat objects and giving them away in street actions. From 2000 collective was engaged founding other collectives, working in bigger groups, using visual art, poetry and music. Meanwhile, group members were engaged doing workshops with children and elderly people.


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