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Helga Thies: Art Crawl - a tour of visual arts in Cluj

Discover the local contemporary art scene with a tailor-made guided tour of independent spaces. Wouldn’t it be great if a local professional showed you the most interesting artistic and cultural spaces and events in town? Art Crawl Cluj is meant to encourage out-of-towners discover the diverse local contemporary art scene – a guide to the exhibition spaces, as well as the art. Exhibitions, performances, dance and theatre.

Helga Thies studied art history in Cluj and Bucharest, and now works at the Paintbrush Factory as a cultural manager and art mediator. She has volunteered in different student and cultural organizations, in Cluj and Bucharest. She is passionate about art and likes to spark the interest of others in this field as well, which is why she started a mediation project called ArtCrawl Cluj.


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