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Lala Panait: Art in public space: from temporary interventions to influencing decision making in the city

The tours Lala is organizing (Trăiește Orașul! Live the City!) were another form of understanding of our cities and society. At first it was a personal weekend getaway and then they became a weekly passion for researching and listening to the stories of the inhabitants, for long walks through markets, bazaars, side streets, sometimes preferring to get lost in an urbanity that we don't have to understand all the time, but maybe simply enjoy it.

Lala Panait born in Bucharest but educated, professionally and personally, in Cluj for 18 years, is trained as an Urban Anthropologist. Lala understood the role of art, local culture and activism for contemporary cities participating in events and European networks dedicated on art and the city, within Colectiv A Association - the Temps d'Images festival, other events at the Paintbrush Factory or in the public space of Cluj, but also coordinating the only neighbourhood initiative in Cluj – At the playgrounds-Common space in Mănăștur, a successful story of community development and urban policies, co-designing a park together with the community and the authorities.


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