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The DIY session // moderated by Davor Mišković

This session offers a simple and efficient framework to create your own meeting agenda. Propose and discuss issues that are relevant to you at this moment: the content, dynamics and conclusions are entirely up to you!

Take the questions that are keeping you busy or topics particularly close to your heart, and propose them as topics for discussion. All the participants will choose together which topics will be discussed and will self-manage the discussions. At the end of the session, hear more about where these talks led us to.

All participants of the RESHAPE microcosm (Reshapers, Facilitators, Partners, Advisors, Guests...) are invited to propose topics and/or participate in the discussions.

Davor Mišković is a cultural worker from Rijeka (Croatia). He is Director of the non-profit organisation Drugo More, where his work ranges from programme selection to executive production, including fundraising and PR. He is also working as a researcher, actively participating in the creation of cultural policies and the management of cultural institutions and networks (2009 - 2016 he was a President of the national cultural network Clubture and coordinating development of the cultural strategy in the region of Istria and in the cities Pula, Labin and Pazin). He has a MA degree in sociology from the University of Zagreb. He has published more then 50 articles for cultural magazines; in 2013, he published a book Research in Culture. He was working in the Ministry of Culture for seven years and was a part-time associate in a number of cultural associations, market research agencies, daily papers and magazines.


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