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ACT Association

ACT “Association for Independent Theatre - association of freelance professional theatre group” Bulgaria’s Association for Independent Theatre (ACT) is established 2009 as a union of NGOs and freelance artists in the contemporary performing arts. Developing, Advocating, Regulating, Promoting and Connecting independent organizations and artists in the performing arts in Bulgaria and abroad. The Association actively works to get the concept of “independent performing arts” established in Bulgaria. It promotes the independent scene’s creative potential and supports its organizational competence as adequate, timely and significant not only for the future of Bulgarian culture but also internationally. To that end, of crucial importance is also the establishment of ACТ Independent Theatre Festival in 2011. After 5 years in a roll in 2016 ACT Festival expand to international being host and co-producer for international performances every year.

Kathrin Hrusanova
Sofia, Bulgaria
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