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birbuçuk (one-and-a-half in English) is a collective which aims to re-interpret and re-discuss the information, knowledge and suggestions revealed through scientific and socio-political works around ecology and through social movements in our planet and geography, and to deliberate them with reference to visual arts, performing arts and design platforms. birbuçuk continues to work with the coordination of climate change and energy economist/performance artist Ayşe Ceren Sarı, environmental scientist/artist Serkan Kaptan, researcher/curator Kevser Güler and curator Yasemin Ülgen.

Designated as a sharing ground to contemplate on our mutual future, birbuçuk investigates the possibilities of a dialogue between the intersections of science, social movements and arts through its meeting agenda, and through topics such as nature, energy, justice, diversity, borders, metabolism, and geography.

We’ve started our first series of meetings that we called “Respiration” in June 2017.
 At Studio-X Istanbul with more than 50 participants, and organized 10 events covering individual topics including Water, Biodiversity, Metabolism, Borders, Food, Climate, Gender, Mine, Energy and Soil. For each meeting which is dedicated to one of the topics, we invited participants (artists, social movement/initiative representatives, researchers, academicians) from different areas and through this, it was possible to bring together an artist with a hydraulic engineer, an artistic practice on large scale urban transformation projects in their relation to water, with a completely different knowledge on water and the city. Our endavour has proven that the format of birbuçuk gatherings is a productive and inspiring way of enabling various kind of practices entangle with each other to discover new modes of knowledge production and public mode of dialogues.

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