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Clubture Network / Savez udruga Klubtura

Clubture Network is a nonprofit, inclusive, participatory network of organizations working on strengthening the independent cultural sector through program networking, raising public visibility, encouraging organizational development of the sector and strengthening its influence on the institutional framework in which it operates. Our membership comprises of over 50 organizations (non governmental and artistic organizations) active in areas of cultural and artistic expression.

Main program activities of the network involve: facilitation of direct program cooperation between independent cultural organizations; strengthening organizations’ capacities for programming and organizational management; as well as strengthening their capacities for participation in policy making and advocacy in cultural field.

The network operates as a collaborative platform through which independent cultural organisations directly implement mutual projects: cultural and artistic public events in different cities in Croatia. Main programme of the network: “Clubture-Hr: Programme Exchange and Cooperation”, around which the platform was established, has been continuously realized since 2002. In period from 2002 over 240 independent cultural organisations collaborated in production of over 240 mutual projects that took place in over 100 cities and towns in Croatia. More than 80% of all events have been organised outside the capital of Zagreb, contributing to the decentralization of cultural production in Croatia.

In addition to the program exchange and collaboration Clubture has conducted a number of different activities aimed at strengthening capacities and recognition of the independent cultural scene, primarily in Croatia, but also in the Region of SEE (as member of Kooperativa regional platform). These activities included media programs (including portal ), educational programs and advocacy activities in the field of cultural policy and youth policy.

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