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Duo LarbitsSisters (Bénédicte Jacobs and Laure-Anne Jacobs)

Since 2010 social media researcher Bénédicte Jacobs and media artist Laure-Anne Jacobs form the artist duo LarbitsSisters. The work of Brussels-based duo is situated at the crossroads of art, technology and social systems. Their collaboration grew out of a shared fascination on new media, merging research and artistic practice onto projects in which concepts such as traceability, data processing, network analysis, algorithms, automation and interactivity are explored and discussed. Their work process focuses on the creative drives and patterns in digital media. Central in the approach of LarbitsSisters is the friction between public and private, online and offline; between the unbridled faith in technological progress and everyday life. Strategies and practices of new media are above all materials and tools of investigation and creation allowing works to be developed that questions critical issues of today’s society.

In 2011 LarbitsSisters founded the Research lab on Digital Visualization, Larbitslab. Larbitslab brings together artists and scientists around issue of networked societies. The specificity of larbitslab lies in the methodological approach, which combines closely observing practices, media analysis and research on the technical and societal implications.

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