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Eclipse Arte

Eclipse Arte develops the solarte community and The Maries project. We are to develop an art with sustainability in harmony with animals and plants. We have focus to create alive art that inspires the communities and the gathering of artists and publics. Living in small farms and creating mobility between the cities, exhange of tools and creations between countries and populations. At social work with art we work with visions circles and by consensus. We develop proper projects and we have disponibility to co-create good art objects with another focalizers. We have interest in art as vehicle of lifes and contribute to create communities. In Portugal, Eclipse Arte began 5 projects of eco villages, all of theme are still open and dinamics. In 2019. we began The Grace Center in the center of Iberia and Portugal, the center articulates art, dance, music, theater, video, photography and Land Art, with agro forest and spirituality. In the cities of Lisbon, Porto and Barcelona we develop regular residencies of 5 days, all year long. In theater we had some plays in the most important theaters of Portugal, such as Teatro Nacional S. João, Teatro Municipais. In dance we create several plays, and we are creating gatherings of organic dance. In video we are creating many videos, docs and video clips. We work by statements, we are in the 6 statements – art and sustainability we are now!

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