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Generator of the Multidisciplinary Collaboration / Miroslav Kraljević Gallery (GMK)

Generator of the Multidisciplinary Cooproductions (GMK) is an independent and non-profit contemporary art platform, dedicated to artistic and intellectual practices that question various phenomena of contemporary culture and society, especially those looking into the relationship between politics and aesthetics. The focus of the NGO is on innovative and experimental visual, sound and performance art, both local and international. We have collaborated with many Croatian and international institutions, collectives, like Acadamy of Fine arts (Zagreb), BLOK, MAMA, Radiona, Curatorial platform, Lazareti (Dubrovnik), Coven, eipcp, Centar Stacion (Priština) P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E Institut, Apexart, de Appel, React feminism, ŠKUC. Also, we collaborated with a number of artists, for example, Andreja Kulunčić, Vlado Martek, Igor Grubić, Marijan Crtalić, Ana Kuzmanić, Grupa Spomenik, Omer Fast, Almut Rink, Duncan Campbell, Grupa Tercerunquinto, Societe Realiste, etc. As a president of this NGO, but also long term curator, curatorial advisor, and gallery director, my fields of interest overlap with those of GMK. In the program of NGO we often engage audience to be in direct communication with artists and their work through interdisciplinary approach, Open studio concepts and interactive projects.

For the past 8 years, Miroslav Kraljević Gallery is run by Ana Kovačić. She has been curator and associate in many projects within other NGO-s in Croatia, for example with WHW collective and Močvara Gallery. She is an active participant in different workshops lead by Erste Foundation and Kultura Nova but also keynote speaker on different discursive programs like Museum as a toolbox and Otvoreni termin.

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