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Impasse is a cultural association, conceived by Irene Pittatore (artist) and Nicoletta Daldanise (curator), with the aim of expanding contexts and forms of participation to the artistic processes. Our activities are defining a transdisciplinary operative methodology, in order to analyze social and economic dynamics concerning contemporary art too.

By instituting specific groups of work for every project, we test models of co-design between different fields (art, education, sociology, geography, anthropology, economy). Moreover, we explore the concept of authorship in collaborative projects, using visual and performative languages resulted from a continuous negotiation between the different contributions.

Since our foundation in 2015, we collaborated with institutions (local municipailties and regional governments, Academies, Universities), educational services, health services, LGBTQ organisations and festivals, museums and galleries, art fairs, architecture festivals. Our main topics of interest are: the use of art practices in urban planning, cultural politics, material conditions for the art workers, partecipative projects related to gender democracy, models of inclusion of diversity in art. We mostly operate through workshops, performances, photography, video, writing, design, talks and editorial projects.

Our most recent projects include collaborations with Camera Italian Center for Photography, Palazzo Barolo, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, Fondazione Santagata, IED Institute for Design, Politecnico di Torino Department of Architecture and Design, Lovers Film Festival, Fish&Chips Film Festival, Comitato Emergenza Cultura, Archive books, postmedia books.

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