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Kunsthal Gent

Kunsthal Gent is a new presentation and development platform for visual art in a monumental 13th-centrury monastery in the centre of Ghent, Belgium, that opened its doors in January 2019. Kunsthal Gent is a collective experiment, both in its organisational model and in its artistic programme, thinking outside of the existing hierarchies and selection mechanisms in the art world. Kunsthal Gent’s development programme supports 6 artists, collectives or small organisations per year. Three times a year a new version of an Endless Exhibition is presented, an ongoing, accumulative exhibition programme that includes contributions by complementary partner organizations. ‘Endless Exhibition’ rehearses new approaches to changing the global art ecosystem by rewriting its rules.

Danielle van Zuijlen (NL 1974) is a curator and initiator - sparring partner for artists and organisations - working as artistic coordinator and in advisory roles. Her focus is on artistic strategies for art in the public domain, collaboration and residency programs. After graduating from the Master of Fine Art programme at Glasgow School of Art, Scotland in 2002, Van Zuijlen co-founded Hotel Mariakapel, a residency and exhibition space in Hoorn, NL, where she directed the programme until 2008. Working independently on an international level since, she wrote on ‘horizontal curating’ and developed a collaborative curatorial approach in the long-term public art program for the Rabot area of Ghent, Belgium (PILOOT/pilootproject Tondelier, 2015-ongoing). With studio organisation NUCLEO she researched the possibility of a residency for Ghent to be shared between visual arts organisations. Also with NUCLEO, she co-developed collaboration projects between Flemish arts organisations (e.g. SOLO summer residency and Kunsthal Gent.) Since June 2018 she is artistic coordinator at Kunsthal Gent, responsible for the development programme and coordination of the artistic team (together with Valentijn Goethals).

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