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Radical Education Collective (2006-14)

Radical Education (RE) was initiated in 2006. One of the first actions, when the idea of RE was actually conceived, was the occupation of Rog bicycle factory in Ljubljana. RE was a rather heterogeneous group of people (anthropologists, sociologists, anarchists, artists, pedagogues, migrant workers, curators) with different experiences of working in communities (of migrant workers, asylum seekers, the erased of Slovenia, with the Zapatistas in Chiapas, the Piqueteros in Argentina, with the HIJOS in Guatemala, etc.), and institutions (university, art museum).

RE was formed in a time when the alter-globalist movements was already exhausted to a certain degree and when intensive deliberations on how to proceed began. For example, the questions that arose were: Is it possible to be in some kind of alliance with the institutions, as, for example, universities and museums? What are the products of such encounters? How do we build institutions of counter power? What are the new “monster- institutions” like, politically speaking? Is there a possibility for a common struggle against capitalism and exploitation, and if so in which ways?

With all these considerations in mind a series of seminars, exhibitions, conferences, encounters and militant researchers were organized between 2006-2014. The idea was not only to “learn from” institutions, but to pass on the knowledge to movements and collectives; to invent new conceptual, expressive and organizational tools in order to empower the “we will not to be governed this way.”

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