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Seminaria Sogninterra

Seminaria is a no profit cultural association born in 2011 in Maranola, a small medieval village gazing at Gaeta gulf (centre/south of Italy). Seminaria has the goal to promote contemporary art though participatory strategies of audience engagement, as an alternative model to economic, cultural and social development of local territories. Since 2011 Seminaria has realized many public art projects, educational workshops and the Biennial Environmental Art Festival Seminaria Sogninterra.

More than 60 artists has been involved in creating a dialogue with the village and its community through site specific projects: videos, sculptures, installations, multimedia, relational or performative works. The audience can be immersed and physically and mentally get involved in a one kilometer exhibition itinerary among alleys, squares, public and private spaces. Citizens and volunteers do the rest by adopting artists and offering their houses to the audience; their involvement is actually the leading key that helps this independent Biennial Festival to take art outside museums and galleries and address it directly to people's life.

Seminaria Festival has been awarded in Lazio Creativo 2016 as one of the 10 most interesting art projects of Regione Lazio. Supported by two relevant international partnerships: Fondazione Romaeuropa, the most important italian festival for art, theatre, dancing and contemporary music; and CYfest Media Art Lab from St.Petersburg, biggest digital art event held in Russia.

New technologies implemented thanks to Cyland Media Art Lab from St.Petersburg, to Rome Music Research Center and Coesum (Italian company of design, engineering and prototyping). National and international network: the land art park Nikola Lenivets (Russia), the MoTA Museum of Transitory Art in Ljubljana (Slovenia), the italian ‘There is no place like home’, Blooming Festival, Maack Kalenarte Open Air Museum of Contemporary Art and SITI Laboratory of urban and human imagination.

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