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Shadow Casters

The Shadow Casters are a multi award-winning and critically acclaimed international artistic and production platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, creativity and reflection on intermedia art, which successfully and seamlessly combines international collaboration, theatre and film-making, urban intermedia projects, activism, pedagogical work, video art and curation into a coherent artistic work. In its 18 years of work and public activity, the platform has been a leading partner on numerous small and large projects across four continents, with 200 collaborations with professionals from more than 30 countries, and has completed more than 50 educational, theater and film projects and events. In their projects, the Shadow Casters stimulate discussions about the nature and contradictions of the globalization process, address social, political and cultural issues, revealing acute problems of local communities: among other things, the politics of public spaces, the consequences of transitional processes, the status and forms of intimacy, as well as the systematic production of amnesia and discontinuity. They also thoroughly explore the past and present of neuralgic urban sites and the related themes of group and individual memory, bringing their performances to places and localities that are, for the first time, incorporated into a contemporary artistic discourse. The main concept guiding the Shadow Casters is the constant questioning of the identity of the individual, but also the question of integrating the individual in a collective context.

Links on the most relevant projects:
- film and media literacy school for children and youth
- community art project
- rethinking urban heritage
- urban sensorial play

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