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Å kart collective

We started to work 1990 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. In 90’s we were making little ‘self made’ books and artworks and distributing them in the streets. At year 2000 we founded other collectives - choir and orchestra named Horkeškart and female embroidery group, singing and exhibiting mostly in public spaces. 2008 we started ‘Poetrying’ - monthly festival of experimental poetry. Festival lasted 5 years. As a part of the event, we published around 60 little poetry books, all funded by donations of festival visitors. From 2012 we do occasional workshops in foster care house “Vera Radivojević” in Bela Crkva. From 2013 till 2017 we did several workshops with migrants based in asylum centres in Serbia, making visual stories (maps) of their journey to Europe. Those maps were exhibited in schools around Serbia and worldwide. We did few workshops with elderly people, trying to interpret and re-create art images together. Recently, we did one graphic novel about war in Yugoslavia 1991.

We studied architecture at the Belgrade university, then graphic design at the London College of Communication. From the beginning of škart collective, we tried to collaborate with many people, most of them not from the art filed. Questions we are trying to find an answer are: What people think of art? How to make people participate in art projects? How people read pictures? Do we need big institutions to be visible?

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