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Vessel was born in 2011 in Puglia (Southern Italy) with the aim of exploring socially engaged practices in relation to their context of emergence, to their geographies and psychogeographies adopting a transdisciplinary methodology aiming to facilitate interaction and exchange between different subjects envisioning the creation of a multi-centered body of knowledge. Our programme operates through thematic strands.

Terra Piatta looks at the relationship between socially engaged practices and the rural, within the area of Capitanata, in Southern Italy. It features curatorial workshops, residencies, radio podcasts and artistic productions. Artificially created during the fascist regime of Mussolini, the area was politically and culturally ignored after the liberation process that followed WW2, as part of the refusal of those dark times. While some villages activated structures for self-organisation, others have been occupied by migrant workforce. Vessel critically engages with these postcolonial processes by looking at how these communities have been affected by them and exploring future political and social possibilities through: a transdisciplinary International Curatorial Workshop 2013 by Consonni, WochenKlausur, Stephanie Smith.

Paese Nuovo, a project by Fernando García-Dory, in collaboration with local architects, shortlisted for the Visible Awards.

Tre Titoli (2014) by Nico Angiuli, a movie co-commissioned by Vessel exploring the politics of tomato farming.

(2015-16) a series of workshops by Luigi Coppola, Curandi Katz, Fernando García-Dory, Asuncion Molinos Gordo, Nuno Sacramento and Sanne Oorthuizen in dialogue with local communities

biographies | radio-materiality

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