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Venetian born artist Andrea Pagnes and German artist Verena Stenke have been working together since 2006 as VestAndPage, creating live performances cycles, performance-based films, visuals, theoretical and creative writings and temporary artistic community projects internationally. Their art practice and curatorial practice is contextual, conceived psycho-geographically in response to social situations, natural surroundings, archeological sites, historical architectures and unconventional environments such as mines, caves and urban ruins. They explore themes such as pain sublimation, suffering, fragility, risk-taking, trust in change, union and endurance with an original bodily approach to performance to dissect the private, social and political spheres and merge from reality poetic elements as a rebellion against the exercise of power and discrimination among human beings. VestAndPage are the curators and conceivers of the live art exhibition project “Venice International Performance Art Week” since its inception (2011), founded precisely as a "people project" to set forth temporary artistic communities operating in performance while reflecting and engaging in crucial socio-political concerns of the contemporary.

Life experience; for formal education, work experience and collaboration please see:

MAIN FIELDS OF INTEREST. Free circulation of ideas to create new working models; encourage the foundation of artistic learning environments outside rigid academic settings; find alternative collaborative models and practices of organising artistic community building through project outside the commercial schemes; give voice through art making processes also to the so-called "social disadvantaged categories" of people.

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