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Abdellah M. Hassak

I'm a sound artist, new media, music producer, manager and engineer in new technologies. My sound work is centered on theuse of digital technology and data-processing coding with the service of the transformation and the sound interactivity.

My approach of artistic creation is guided by many research related on the filing and sonorities of the places and cities, as well in its dimensions of social transformations as geocultural (between citizen and his public space through its memory and history).

My work tends to reveal intrinsic artistic splendour with the archives and the cultural, artistic and poetic heritages like the irinterbreeding. On the basis of the traditional cultures, I proposes of it a remix version where the average contemporaries of communication are employed to promote the division and the exchanges, vectors privileged of bringing together and interconnection between the people. Its research is closely related to the city and its heritage, whose sound and anarchistic chaos constitutes a fertile ground with creation.

A Symphony Of Cities | Makan Project | Mahattat Radio

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