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Aikaterini Protonotariou

Perceiving urban space as the constant interaction of social relations, I try - through theory & practice - to understand how collaborative artistic practices can contribute to the re-appropriation of public space, the development of sense of oevre (lefebvrian term) & grassroots’ activation regarding urban everyday life.

I have an educational background in Civil Engineering (University of Patras), Acting (“Delos” Drama School, Athens) & I am a month away from finishing my master in Urban & Regional Planning (NTUA). My thesis focuses on how artistic practices bring to view alternative narrations (with emphasis on underrepresented groups&deprived urban areas) & create/strengthen urban communities. I’ve been also educated in SOMA technique (horizontal collaboration&communication through game).

Since 2016 I am a happy member of UrbanDig Project, where i'm involved in several fields: Artistic & scientific research, creative structures’ design, organizational processes, attempts for fruitful interaction & performing in public space along with cute uninvited cats! (Meet-The-Village-Omonia-app | DeMOS-The-game)
I also worked on organizing Tandem Europe’s final meeting (Athens, January 2017), participated in Tools for Citizens (May-July 2018) & Phase I of START – Create Cultural Change Program in Germany (September-November 2018)

Amongst others, I am interested in exploring these questions: Is it really possible to meaningfully engage audiences that are not “artsy enough” – especially with limited resources? How do areas of different character affect the way of work? Can we develop inter-local&inter-national networks by focusing on common concerns in the fields of European history, environment&culture? How can we go further through dialogue with initiatives from different sociocultural contexts?

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