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Bianca Hisse

I am a Brazilian independent artist based in North Norway. My work traverses performance, public space and social practice. Participatory awareness and new types of collaborative frames are in the core of my recent works, in which I expand my conversations to a variety of professionals such as fire-fighters, architects, mountain climbers and nurses. Instead of simply borrowing their presence and contribution, we often engage in an exchange of professional skills that might be (or not) explicitly visible in the final artistic results. Instead of relying on artistic collaborative conventions rooted in the Relational Aesthetics legacy, I have been looking at collective action as an infrastructural method that is strategically put together, and has the potential to be embodied within society in different spheres – conceptual, physical, architectonic or situational.

My current project, ‘Fight fire with fire’ (2018-2019), involved a dialogue of three months with the Fire Department in Tromsø, in which performers studied their training schedules and developed a movement-based piece based on crawling and dragging exercises. An additional outcome was the production of a blanket series, which is intended to stay in the common areas of the fire station. Previously, I have explored other possibilities of participatory models in the performances 'Transfusion (2018)'; 'Dynamics of Reflection' (2017), and 'Ig zot ik' (2015). I have recently joined the residency project 'Taking Hold - The double bridge' by PRAKSIS Oslo and Kunsnernes Hus, in which a group of artists explored and questioned the ways that solidarity, competition and antagonism find physical expression in social relationships.

Finally, from an organic double movement between choreography and visual arts, my works intend to bring reflections on how to create new models of social arrangements and how to exercise systemic agencies in a period of strong collective uncertainty.

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