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Björn Säfsten

Björn Säfsten is a choreographer and dancer educated at the Balett Academy in Sthlm (2003) and at X.IDA, Institute for Dance Arts in Linz Austria (2004) and has been freelancing within the field of dance and choreography since 2004.

Björn Säfstens own company, Säfsten Produktion works as a plattform for choreographic creativity and experimentation. A node of theoretical and practical standpoints where artists come together to speculate and visualize criticism in choreography, politics, language, and identity production. Through different types of concepts and works on stage, both self-initiated and commissioned, Björn Säfsten creates choreographic art in close collaboration with his current artistic team.

Säfsten has been employed as a researcher at The University of Fine Arts Umeå Sweden 2012 - 2015 where he developed the project ”De-creation of an amphibian praxis” together with Philosopher Per Nilsson. Currently Säfsten is touring his works Prologue (2016), Landscapes of I (2018), The Canteen (2016) and is starting a new Production The Panel (premier 2020). Säfsten is one of the founders and members of the art collective and network Transloca - creating artistic interdisciplinary projects since 2016.

Säfsten Produktion is annually producing various festivals and plattforms within Choreography in Stockholm and is now the head producer of the biannual festival ”Within Practice” (first edition 2018) made together with DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts. From 2019 on we launch the satellite ”Local Practice” which will be an touring/mobile festival working within the same frame work as Within practice. The festivals initiated by Säfsten Produktion focuses on practice sharing, stimulating shifts in policy making and production of critical discourse within the field of choreography and dance.

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