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Camilla Crosta

I am a curator and producer with a focus on public and socially engaged art currently living in Scotland. I have always had a keen interest in public art, and this is what lead me to undertake different working experiences with cultural organisations which belief is the potential of art to inspire changes through its power of imagination.

I worked with established organisations such as Situations (Bristol), Deveron Projects, Timespan and ATLAS Arts (Scotland) as well as initiating personal cultural projects where I worked as a curator and artists. For example, in 2015 I decided to found the project Fronde in the city of Venice (Italy), in order to experiment how art can help in inspiring new solutions to the city problems. I wanted to create something real, which engages with different communities, which speaks about the city and its public spaces, its identity, history and people. There is a programme of artist residencies and public art interventions along with a series of public events. The project aims to foster interaction with the city public spaces as well as to promote active citizenship.

In Scotland, collaborating with Deveron Projects, ATLAS Arts and working as a freelance artist gave me the opportunity to take part in projects which engaged people with political, economic and social topics such as Brexit, Fish farming and social inclusion. I have recently started a Master in Cultural Policies in Edinburgh because I think it is in the precise space and time of the policy-making process that the positive change can happen and the impact on people and places becomes real.

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