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Carlo Ferretti

I am Carlo Ferretti, I am a Cultural Project Manager and Researcher, graduated in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship. My job could be described following three axes at the moment: the research and consultancy on experimental methods of social and cultural impact assessment, the research on cultural and social innovation through a podcast, and the practice in cultural project management.

At the beginning of 2018, with a group of people I created "Arti in Libertà" which is a project for the valorisation of the local cultural and urban heritage, in my hometown Bari, Italy, through multidisciplinary performances, elaborated during residencies organised with local artists of different backgrounds and arts. The aim is providing to local artists a creative space for experimenting, while working with the local community for the development of the final performance. Moreover, due to the scarcity of local spaces of cultural production, we decided to perform every time into a different area of the city, from old buildings to farms or public spaces, in order to engage new potential audience and build a new narrative of those places.

Right now we are attracting new resources and competences to the project, slowly moving the project into a community or platform of artists and cultural operators interested in cultural innovation.

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