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Christian Cherene

BeAnotherLab is a transnational interdisciplinary collective formed in 2012 that investigates, reproduces and communicates individual subjective experiences with a focus on generating perspective-taking toward pro-social behaviour. We have worked in over 25 countries in a wide diversity of contexts, ranging from film festivals, art exhibitions and hackathons to psychological and neuroscientific experiments, to conflict resolution workshops in the struggle for a culture of peace.

Some our community collaborations have focussed on addressing police violence with families of victims in Rio de Janeiro, racism and identity with Gypsy community in Portugal, islamophobia with Muslim teenagers in Barcelona, reconciliation and forgiveness with survivors of armed conflict in Colombia.

Our professionally diverse backgrounds are rooted in Cognitive Science, Interactive System Design, Digital Arts, Computer Science, Social Communication, Anthropology, Philosophy and Conflict Resolution. Our expertise in embodied virtual reality, cognitive science and artistic research is guided by our key interest in the social implications of our multi-sensory system “The Machine To Be Another”. We collaborate with researchers from a wide variety of fields to pursue our interdisciplinary action-research approach with a view to questioning implicit hierarchies between different forms of knowing.

BeAnotherLab has been awarded internationally, including Honorary Mention from Global Pluralism Award (Canada, 2017),  Honorary Mention from STARTS Prize (Austria, 2017), European Social Innovation Competition (Brussels, 2016), Laval Virtual Award (France, 2014), the N.I.C.E Award for Innovation and Culture (Germany, 2015), an Honorary Mention from Ars Electronica (Austria, 2014), and FastCo Innovation by Design Award Finalist (USA, 2014).

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