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Christos Mouchas

I am an artist, living and working in Athens. My academic background is in Media and Communications at the University of Sussex but during the course of my BA, my passion for art grew even stronger from just a hobby. Thus, I decided to discontinue my studies and pursue my practice full time. My work is focused on human relationships and the transformative role art can play in the personal and social realm. Specifically, I do so either by exploring the relation between artist and audience, actively engaging them in participatory performances or projects explicitly open and accessible to all.

My latest work, a one-to-one participatory performance, was presented at the Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2018, as part of The Performance Shop, a 1-month long pop-up “shop” that was “selling” performances. Prior to that, I worked on an art intervention at Talkin’ Heads, a hair salon in Athens, where I created a free publication that engaged the salon’s staff with its customers and visitors into a discussion about the memory of love. (sometimes-a-wind-blows) Additionally, I was part of K-Gold Temporary Gallery’s team, an independent, nomadic art platform based in Lesvos, from 2016 until 2018, whose goal is to bring contemporary art closer to people outside urban centers. During those two years, I worked on various roles and projects, from presenting personal work in exhibitions to curating, and aiding in the production of other shows. Moreover, I have collaborated with the Marina Abramović Institute and Tumblr for a video project, and have been commissioned by Christian Dior, AnOther Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar China, among others. In 2017, I participated in Whitechapel Gallery and NEON’s curatorial exchange programme in London. I am also the creator of Ubicouture, an online platform of digital collages combining fashion and art imagery.

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