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Claudia Roselli

Claudia Roselli is performer, visual artist and urban researcher. She works to understand and discover inner dimensions of places and to deepen knowledge related to human, nature and our contemporary society. She had a degree from the Faculty of Architecture in Florence on 2007. After it, she got a PhD at the University of Architecture in Florence, Department of Urban and Territorial Planning and at the School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi, Department of Urban Design, like ICCR fellow - Indian Council Cultural Relations student - chosen from Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair and sponsored by the Indian Government like cultural researcher in this special innovative field. The entire research was developed in Delhi.

The author in all the cases studies of her research acted a double active role like academic researcher and artist. It was along this research that she discovered how her artistic background could be used on the urban planning discipline, to propose new typologies of dialogues between common people and planners, sociologist and intellectual people. She developed dialogues trough art in different areas of the Indian capital: using photography, video, performance and participatory art action planning to speak with all the level of the population including migrants and very poor people. (a video sample).

She is interested in the human ecology, and the phenomenon of resilience and transformations. She has always been attracted to the respect and strengthen of the international human rights and from the human changes. In her work she cooperates with the local community, other artists and researchers from other disciplines. Her innovative field of research found application as in India as in Europe. She presented talks and lectures in internationals Universities and Auditoriums. She wrote article in Italian and in English, to have a sample of her writings work please look here.

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