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Costanza Givone

My theatrical career began with the creation of a visual theatre company, I was interested in creating works with an universal language that could be accessible to people from different countries, ages and social background. I moved to Portugal and started working with choreographers (Madalena Vitorino, Aldara Bizarro) that worked whit community. I learned a lot, but also be frustrated by the short time and sometimes superficial contact with people.

I also create my own works, always looking for ways to share the process of creation with the community or to go beyond the frontiers of theatre and penetrate the social fabric. My last two works:
"Familias" (families) a children's project, created after a series of meetings with elementary school students. A work that can be presented in unconventional places, which invites children to share the stage with the performer and create an imaginary family together.
"Fogo lento", is a reflection on cultural identity, during the preparation of two typical dishes (one Italian and the other Portuguese). The creative process included: sharing lunches with cooking lovers and meetings with secondary school students. The show recreates the intimate space of a kitchen, and invites the public to cook together at the end.

I am interested in how the theatrical act can be a moment to exercise citizenship and living in community. Finally, I am starting to collaborate in a huge and very stimulating project: the creation of a school of "arts and crafts". It will be a space where the barriers of the traditional subjects don’t exist and the students have the opportunity to work between theory and practice, action and thought. It is a place where methods used in arts, will help to grow up thinking individuals, who act and recognize that reality is not formed of closed compartments. It will be a space of extremely fertile pedagogical experimentation.

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