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Dorina Subashi

Dr. Dorina Xheraj-Subashi is lecturer of Museology and Cultural Heritage in Tourism Department of “Aleksandër Moisiu”, University of Durrës, Albania. She holds a bachelor degree from Bologna University; Master of Science in Archaeology from Tirana University and PhD in Museology from Albanological Studies Center. Dr. Xheraj-Subashi is author of different publications and participations in different regional, national and international conferences in Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, China, Macedonia (FYROM), Finland, as well participated in several trainings and exchange programs in Italy, Ireland and Kosovo. She is active member of some important networks like: International Council of Museums (ICOM), UMAC (International Committee for University Museum and Collections) Balkan Museum Network (BMN) International Movement for New Museology (MINOM) and Heritage Interpreter Europe (IE) where recentely is country coordinator for Albania.

The main fields of my interest are social and community inclusion in cultural initiatives and actions, wellbeing of citizenships with performing arts and heritage in urban spaces and universities by turning them in cultural hubs. The urgent need for heritage and cultural expressions to contribute the social being is also relevant issue for European Union, in order to preserve old and indigene practices. It is needed understanding relevant issues that each country have, and then mapping each area by confronting their impact on cultural activism and what benefits have been achieved by locals, or regions within a country. It is also important understanding what policies for engaging citizenship are then reflect cultural funds and NGO grants support cultural activism and creativity. Cultural heritage and activism in this field is important but also need to be measured through several cultural observatories in Mediterrean and compared through their implementation and impact on local, regional and national, international level.

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