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Einat Tuchman

I grew up in Israel in a kibbutz, both influenced my artistic development. I Studied in Rotterdam-Codarts. I danced for different choreographers such as Alain Platel - Belgium, Orla Bary -Ireland and more. In 2000 I started to create my own choreographies. I examined through dance and speech different social codes and behaviors. I worked with production houses such as Campo - Gent Beurschouwburg, Pianofabriek – Brussels and more. In 2010 I join Apass for a year research about the tensions between individuality and collectivity and the place of the “Other”. I initiated different experiments such “make me” where people defined my actions in public spaces.

From 2012 I apply hospitality (Jacques Derrida) as the conceptual frame of my projects. I examine social relations where guests and hosts are in constant negotiations over space. In the interactive performance “Hotes et l`autre” 2013 (Production KVS) I worked with inhabitants from different origins and created games about positions of hospitality.

In 2013 we founded the platform “State of the art” to defend the place of art in society. In 2014 I created “Other Host”, a hospitality game in different homes in Kortijk. “Incompany” was a search about we artists becoming guests inside profit based companies. We establish the “Incompany Workers` Club”.

With my last project Espacetous I opened a neighborhood center, for social exchange through art and creativity, where I live in Molenbeek, Brussels. The process took two years and many challenging encounters and contradictions. I initiated different events engaging artists and inhabitants. Through 'Espacetous' I wish to create the notion of neighboring and locality, install economical exchange and invent cultural rituals involving people from different background, social classes, ages and genders.

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