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Ekaterina Sharova

My background in pedagogy, art history and HR studies allows me to develop interdisciplinary and relevant projects, also in politically challenging areas. The border between Russia and Norway is culturally and politically charged, and gives a lot of inspiration. Since 2012, I have been working in Euro-Arctic Russia and in this border area. In 2014, we started a grassroot group Arctic Art Institute together with several artists and sociologists. Since then, this small group has arranged exhibitions in public spaces, open air projects and interdisciplinary experiments in Norway, Sweden, Spain and Russia. In 2016, we started Arctic Art Forum, which has been the main meeting place for experimental art and culture scene in Northern Russia. The Forum has been supported by the Ministry of Culture of Arkhangelsk region, Barents Sekretariat, Nordic Council of Ministers, Project Office of Development of the Arctic, it gathered representatives from Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, USA (Alaska). Identity, ecology and sustainable development have been the most important themes in this work.

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