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Enes Kurtović

Enes Kurtovic was born in 1969. He graduated agronomy in Ljubljana. Although working in the profession, as an advisor in local Rural Development Agency, he is building his art career in parallel. He has published three collection of poems in classical format, and several art book projects combining his own poetry with other art techniques. Critics defined his poetry as socially engaged, and his art book projects are focused on the relationship author-reader. In addition to poetry, Kurtovic creates visual objects with various techniques and materials. His installations and objects were exhibited at international exhibitions in Bosnia, Germany, England, Croatia, Serbia and Iran, where he was awarded by the jury for the work "Linen". Here is a link to his artwork.

Enes Kurtovic is a member of the editorial board of the Školegium portal, which advocates better education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the framework of this project in 2018, his book "The Fly at the Literature Class" was printed. This book contains authorial texts and images presented in the form of a school textbook for literature. The book is intended for younger generations of readers, secondary school students, touch screen generation, whose books, literature and reading are less interesting. The book examines various modern phenomena, from those of the personal, through those specific to the post-war transition of Bosnia to universal themes of love, empathy, the meaning of life and death. To make the book closer to this generation of readers, the author created a special FaceBook page where he published the content of this book in the form of individual posts, where readers have the opportunity to actively participate through comments and adding their own content. The intention is to present literature to the new generations in a modern and interactive way, avoiding stereotypical school interpretations.

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