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Esther Poppe

I am applying as an artist, curator, researcher and Art Educator, based in Germany.

My work consisting of variables, scopes of projects and situated Knowledge(s) express the agency(s) and the splatteredness that informs what I want the work to become, and how it can interweave and serve different communities and settings that I involve in.

My foremost Motivation to apply for the RESHAPE network is my interest in collaborative knowledge production, innovative research practices (into the local, geographical, historical, present, entangled,…) and further explore interdisciplinary practices and encounters/conversations/debates between researchers, artist, practitioners, activists, scholars, institutions and organisations. Though my work and research in critical Art Education I find myself only at home by exploring questions around alternative modes of education, sharing, how we learn and produce knowledge collectively and implementing the focus on an Anti-racist, de_colonial und (un-)learning environment. My dedication in collaborating with others drives me: working out and on more complex understandings of time and space, analysing paradigms and conceptional framework through which are we reading, spreading and mapping out knowledge(S), though re_adjustable methods, rehearsal fields, actual Try-out zones of fixing and unfixing points that manifest these dynamic strategies of understanding and not-understanding, creating time and space for vulnerability within these entanglements. How can they become accessible and inform communities, flow into institutions - keeping in mind the limitations & impossibility of claiming a position for all … “Who will be called upon to compose its signs and who will spell them out?”

Freelance Art Educator, Researcher & Curator at the Weltkulturen Museum Frankfurt & MMK Frankfurt: Museum of Modern Art. Researcher at TRACES : Transmitting Contentious Cultural Heritages with the Arts (WP3 Research on Education and Stakeholder Involvement investigates learning and exhibiting contentious cultural heritage in Europe, in order to identify ways in which educational settings can provide spaces of conflict and negotiation). Member of Another Roadmap School: intertwining hi/stories of arts education. Co-founder of Membrane: Temporary Exhibition & Meeting Space & Blog, hosted by documenta 14 aneducation, Kassel. Participant (Un-)Learning Place, The New Alphabet School curated by Boris Buden & Olga von Schubert, Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), Berlin

For further Information view: Artist Statement_Setting, Methods & Format

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