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Gabrijela Ivanov

I’m a social innovator in the field of independent culture, media and gender equality. By formal education I am a computer engineer who after finishing an education in Center for Women’s Studies in Zagreb was drawn to civil society and cultural sector in order to expand spaces of gender and media culture, and make them common spaces. That is why the organisation I co-founded and am working in is called Expanse of Gender and Media Culture ‘Common Zone’.

I am an initiator and editor of independent media and organizer and program developer of Vox Feminae Festival – Festival of innovative gender practices, which both exist from 2007.

I finished also very useful ‘Social Innovation and Management Program’ in 2016 in Vienna. Also, I am a student of Transactional Analysis (TA) since 2016. The theory and practice of TA is applied in four different areas or the fields of specialization: counselling, education, organizations and psychotherapy. I am engaged in education for Transactional analysts in the field of organizations, which aims to enhance development and growth of people working within organizations.

All that has led me to one of my newest endeavours where together with the group of visual artists, writers, cultural producers and gamers and engineers in our organisation we developed Fierce Women – a social card game that promotes and celebrates the work and contributions of women to society in the fields of culture, arts, feminism, human rights, politics and science. More can be found on the campaign website.  I am a co-author of this social card game, and was in a role of an art director during the process of pivoting and making the first two iterations of the game.

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