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Helga Thies

I studied art history and at the moment I'm working alongside other cultural workers at an interdisciplinary contemporary art space (Fabrica de Pensule), an independent initiative run by an NGO. My role there includes coordinating the visual arts programme and different projects, as well as art mediation and audience development activities. Besides Fabrica, I am currently working on a personal project involving art mediation, which - in short - implies guided tours through exhibitions open in the city.

During my studies, I was active in a students association and also volunteered for different other NGO's, activities and events in the art field (a biennial, an auction house, a contemporary art gallery, a performing arts festival). My non-academic education includes various courses on entrepreneurship, leadership, art mediation, the art market and project management. The influence of art in the social and cultural fabric is a topic I am very interested in, so inevitably I am attracted to art mediation and cultural policies.

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