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InĂªs Brito

I am a young artist and creative leader who believes that art can be a useful tool to communicate with others, question social subjects and to engage properly with our inner self observing nature. I'm currently building my way to be an art therapist. I took a Graphic Design course at the Secondary Art School António Arroio, a foundation year in Illustration at Leeds Arts University and nowadays I am taking a degree in Painting at the Lisbon Fine Art Faculty.

As part of the Elevate Young Minds organisation since 2015, I expanded the team to Portugal through the festival Young Minds Matter Lx 2018, helping young artists, social entrepreneurs, producers and curious humans to connect with each other. Now, I am starting to found Young Creative Leaders in Portugal, as a regional director.

Artistically, I took part in several collective, pair and solo exhibitions. I gave my voice in lectures in Lisbon and Brussels and I always design a book for each individual art project that I follow.
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