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Inesa Markava

In 2005 I won one year exchange scholarship in Portugal and worked within international cultural program team in Leiria. In my free time I’ve started contemporary and classical dance classes at Clara Leão dance school and after the first public performance I was invited to work with School of Arts and Concerts for Babies project in Leiria. Within these two projects I´m taking part at many international festivals.

In 2010 I’ve finished Artistic Studies degree and started Master in Cultural Politics at University of Coimbra University with a theme of Museums and Education through Art. Since 2016 I’m Contemporary Art PhD student at Colegio das Artes, Univestiry of Coimbra with a theme Contemporary Dance permeability within Exposition Space.

Since 2016 creating monthly Dance Visit for the Contemporary Art Expositions of Arquivo Galery in Leiria. And it is with in this artistic and academical project I would like to participate in Reshape program, sharing ideas and experience about interdisciplinary project I´m developing in both ways and to learn new tools and ways to work to reshape the engagement forms to work with audiences.

In 2018 participated in «Abril, Dança em Coimbra» Festival with choreographical performance «Território Entre: espaço permeável» within Pedro Figueredo´s exposition of sculpture at Convento São Francisco, Coimbra. In 2018 took part in selected Performance «The Garden» at Biennale of Contemporary Art in Cerveira, Portugal. At the end of 2018 was invited to assume artistic direction of Musicalmente Festival | 20 years of Concerts for Babies. I was responsible to design festival program as well as work with artists of different areas.

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