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Judith Schoneveld & Jette Schneider

Judith Schoneveld & Jette Schneider both started out as artists – visual art, dance- and have since separately organized and founded multiple initiatives to empower artists in their creation and practise. In 2014 we founded Transistor Foundation together and collaborate in shaping working conditions and tools for (performing) artists, managing and producing interdisciplinary performance and dance pieces- in Rotterdam but also nationally and internationally.

An important motive and goal of ours is to enable and initiate environments for free, independent artistic production managed by professional artists, as a bottom up development and in self organisation. Co-creation, realizing new methods for collaboration, the interaction of the individual and the common need, empowerment and peer support, exchange of knowledge and feedback, cross-over and creative entrepreneurship are the building blocks.

A pivotal venture of Transistor is TimeWindow. TimeWindow is a self organized platform and working space that connects 45 artists who are predominantly active in the performing arts - actors, (music) theatre makers, choreographers, writers, videographers. TimeWindow allows a variety of connections; you can have your own studio, share it with others, or, use your membership to use the central space, the common. Transistor is both member and author of this initiative. As ‘process dramaturges’ we coach the organizational activities, develop democratic management and decision processes and are concerned with the political positioning and the future. On the side, we develop supporting online tools which enable the sharing of knowledge and facilitate production processes, collaboration and building networks.

For the Reshape project we hope to share our experience in shaping, developing and positioning TimeWindow as artist platform. We have methods, forms and a tenable ideology to offer and hope to inspire others, connect and get to know alternative ways of thinking and doing.

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