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Kirsten Bremehr

Since 2015 I am working as a dramaturge and mediator with choreographer and dancer Patricia Carolin Mai. Since her experience of a terror attack in Tel Aviv, she is physically researching the topic of bodies in emergency states. After one duet ("Ready to snap") and one quartet ("Balagan body") our team grew - now we are a collaboration of 10 professional artists. For our current production "HAMONIM - what keeps a mass moving" we are working with 70 non-professional dancers of all ages (between 17 and 81) at K3 I Tanzplan Hamburg auf Kampnagel. This is one of the biggest challenges in my professional life.

Questions meander between mediation and artistic research. How do we speak to each other? How "organizing" about 70 people - including people who never worked on a professional level before and some doing it for decades? How to discuss feedback, experiences, critique on a appreciatively and benefit level? And what the hell really keeps the mass moving? How do we negotiate togetherness and society on stage and off-stage at the same time? During our 8-month process, we are moving forward, HAMONIM gets more an organism, than "just" a piece of dance. Our dancers are organizing baby-sitting, shopping, pyjama-partys, learning circles... it always leaves me wondering, fascinated, and sometimes speechless after rehearsal.

So what is HAMONIM? Art? Activism? Collaboration? Research? Dance? All we know is, it has to spread and be discussed…

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