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Lara WeiƟ

I started my training in Görlitz in the border triangle and traveled through various jobs, internships and countries to complete my master's degree in Düsseldorf. I have been working for the Un-Label Performing Arts Company for several years. We work inclusive, international, mixed-abled and interdisciplinary in the artistic field. Create performances, masterclasses, workshops, conferences and labs - through which we want to rethink the stage as an open space for art and invent future models for the arts sector. We keep discovering new possibilities!

I would like to share with others all my experiences. I want the art scene diversely. That all people have the opportunity to participate. What do we need? We need to network and share our knowledge with others. Because we can do it better together! Id like to share these links with you: Facebook | Instagram | Our latest Performance Trailer

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